iPhone 7 Rumors and Release Date

The much-awaited release of the iPhone 7 has been the subject of numerous rumors and speculations. As the next iteration in the iPhone series, expectations are high for this device, which is rumored to come with several exciting new features. In this article, we will explore some of the most prominent iPhone 7 rumors and speculate on its potential release date.

Design Changes

One of the most discussed rumors surrounding the iPhone 7 is its design changes. According to several sources, Apple is planning to remove the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack from the new device. This decision has been met with mixed reactions from Apple fans, with some praising the company’s innovation and others criticizing the move.

Another rumored design change is the removal of the physical home button. The iPhone 7 is said to come with a pressure-sensitive button that will provide haptic feedback, simulating the feeling of a physical button.

Camera Upgrades

The iPhone is already known for its impressive camera capabilities, but rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 will come with even more upgrades. According to sources, Apple is planning to introduce a dual-lens camera system in the new device, which would provide improved optical zoom and depth perception.


Another rumored feature of the iPhone 7 is water-resistance. While the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were somewhat water-resistant, the iPhone 7 is said to be fully waterproof, making it more durable and reliable for users.

Release Date

As for the release date, Apple typically releases new iPhones in September, and it is expected that the iPhone 7 will follow suit. However, some sources have suggested that production delays could push the release date back to October or even later. Additionally, there have been reports that the iPhone 7 may not be available in the same quantities as previous iPhones due to supply chain issues.


While the iPhone 7 rumors and release date are still shrouded in mystery, it is clear that this device will be a significant upgrade over its predecessor. With potentially game-changing features such as water-resistance and a dual-lens camera, the iPhone 7 is sure to excite Apple fans around the world. Only time will tell whether these rumors come to fruition, but it is clear that the iPhone 7 will be one of the most anticipated tech releases of the year.